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Hill House Faerie Tale

Hill House Faerie Tale hillhouse

Hill House, Publishers was started in 1983. Peter Schneider, a publicist for Doubleday Publishers at the time, made the decision that life wasn't quite insane enough for him, and so he decided to become a small press publisher while keeping his day job. Five years later, having been promoted to Marketing Director at Doubleday, Schneider believed that he now knew enough about publishing to try once more. He arranged with author Raymond E. Feist to do a limited edition of Feist's upcoming dark fantasy novel, FAERIE TALE, which Doubleday was heavily promoting to the trade. The resulting limited, issued in both a numbered and a lettered edition, was a beautiful example of the bookbinder's art.

The Numbered Limited Edition comprised 500 copies, slipcased, and utilised the full cover art.

The Lettered Limited Edition comprised 50 copies A-Z and AA-XX, slipcased, using a small portion of the full cover

Here is a Postcard produced to publicise the Limited Edition, the art is by Don Maitz.



Postcard Front

Postcard Rear

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