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FAQ or Fact


It is often that a reader wants an answer to a question, it is also often that that question, or one very similar, has already been asked, thus providing the answer they seek.

An FAQ (Frequently Asked Question), serves the purpose of providing answers to many of these questions. Many of the FAQs we provide originate from the answers to questions asked of Raymond E. Feist, on the Feistfans-l Mailing List and alt.binaries.raymond-feist newsgroup. The date of the answer is shown, where known, because, as with all things, views may change with time.

NOTE: Some of these answers have been edited to remove irrelevant content and to aid clarity. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure context has been maintained, there is always a chance that something may have slipped through.

You can find these answers and more in the General FAQs, some answers are just pure Fact, these are not views or thoughts, but truth, what more can we say.

There are currently 749 entries in the FAQ.

Remember though, that reading any FAQ, and especially ones for a book you have not read, could spoil your enjoyment of that book. You have been warned !


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