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Netherlands Covers Uncut

Within the publishing industry we find books of various shapes and sizes, we also find books with hardcover, andpaperback. Hardcovers are often the first format published for a popular author like Raymond E. Feist, though sometimes for economic, or other reasons paperbacks, or more often the larger format paperback, known as the Trade paperback are produced. In the Netherlands this was the case, for the original productions of the Riftwar Saga, Krondors Sons, The Empire Trilogy and the Serpentwar Saga.

The covers of paperbacks are printed onto cardstock and the finally cut to size when the book is bound. Before cutting you can often see the registration marks, and other printing information. as can be seen on the following images of the covers from Magician, Silverthorn, A Darkness at Sethanon and Prince of the Blood. It is very unusual to find covers in this state, as they are used in the book production process. Some earleir prints may be passed to the publisher for review, before the final go-ahead is given for the print run.


The covers shown here were provide to our webmaster by the publisher Meulenhoff-M in 2000.

Uncut Magician Uncut Silverthorn Uncut A Darkness at Sethanon Uncut Prince Of The Blood


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