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On Trivial Questions

From: Raymond E. Feist to the Feistfans-l Mailing list
Date: 01 July 2000

On the topic of Trivial Questions:

I don't mind answering those that I can, but often those are items in the story which have no basis in either the "backstory" i.e. the story behind the story, that part of the mental narrative I've created to give the story that's told some continuity and cohesion, or they are merely tidbits that have no meaning, i.e. the name of a place as a reference where no action ever takes place, or whatever.

In those cases, your guess is as good as mine what those things mean, or what happened to those characters, etc.

I basically only take responsibility for what you read on the page, nothing more.

Hope that clears up what I mean when I talk about trivial questions.

If that's still unclear, remember the Saturday Night Live sketch where the two Trekies ask Shatner about the combination on the safe he used in an episode.

Best, R.E.F.


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