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Total Trivia

The following trivia is provided for entertainment, it is not 100% accurate as some assumptions have been used to ease the calculations. Includes all books up to and including Wrath of a Mad God. Remember these are based on words published, not words written, or even thought about.smiley


 Factor  Count  Imperial Metric 
 Number of Books  25    
 Number of Pages per Book  450    
 Number of Lines per Page  30    
 Words per Line  10    
 Words per Page  300    
 Words per Book  135000    
 Total words published  3375000    
 Number of Years  26    
 Words per Year  129807    
 Words per Month  10817    
 Words per Day  355    
 Words per Hour  14    
 Words per minute  0.23    
 Book Sheet Height (HC)    9.5 in  24 cm
 Book Sheet Width (HC)    6 in  15 cm
 Total Pages laid end to end    106875 in  270000 cm
     8906 ft  2700 m
     1.686 miles  2.7 km
 Total line length side by side    2025000 in  5062500 cm
     168750 ft  50625 m
     31.96 miles  40.6 km

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