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To date Raymond E. Feist has colaborated with four other authors to produce a range of books associated with his Midkemian based Novels

The First Collaboration , back in the late 1980's was with Janny Wurts, to produce three books from the other side of the rift, on the world of Kelewan, the origin of the alien invaders of Midkemia. These books, Daughter of the Empire, Servant of the Empire and Mistress of the Empire, show the struggle for survival of Mara, who as as a teenager, is thrust into the role of Ruling Lady of the Acoma after unfortunate events in the Riftwar. As head of one of the major 'Families' of Tsurani Empire, she gets involved in the political intrigue, and conflicts and alliances with other houses.

In more recent colaborations as part ofthe 'Legends of the Riftwar' series of books, Raymond E. Feist has colaborated with three other authors of distinction, William Forstchen, Joel Rosenberg, and Steve M. Stirling.

The first book to be released was the colaboration with William Forstchen, entitled Honoured Enemy. It relates the story of a small group of Kingdom and Tsurani soldiers who call a truce and band together for a common cause.

The second book, a colaboration will Joel Rosenberg, entitled Murder in LaMut tells of.........

The third, and currently the last book in the series, Jimmy the Hand, a colaboration with Steve M. Stirling, is about who else but the colourful Jimmy the Hand, need we say more

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