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Return to Krondor

Return to Krondor

The Second computer game based on the worlds of Raymond E. Feist, later to be written about in the book Krondor Tear of the Gods

Return to Krondor envelopes you in a world of strange creatures, desperate characters and the magic arts. Re-enter the complex and compelling kingdom of Midkemia in this sequel to the best selling RPG, Betrayal at Krondor.

The Tear of the Gods, a holy artefact possessing unimaginable power, is in peril. Your party must race against Bear, an evil madman, and his followers to raise the sunken ship that holds the artefact and return it to its rightful place in the Temple of the Gods. The fate of Krondor is in your hands.

During the game you can chose to play the part of one of five characters, James, Jazhara, William, Solon and Kendaric. The story comprises 11 plot-twisting chapters, seamless transition from navigation to combat, more than 180 real-time motion captured 3D characters to interact with, and a chance to explore over 200 beautifully rendered locations. There are 60 spells that can be created and adapted, and over 30 varieties of locks, traps and puzzles to be solved.

The game uses a tactical turn-based RPG combat system, 16 bit colour, with real time lighting, and an original soundtrack by Voice of the Arts.





 Sierra Studios

 Release date



 Single player




 Microsoft Windows


 2 CD-ROMs


 166 MHz


 32 MB

 Video card

 1 MB


 Keyboard, mouse

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