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Installing Betrayal at Krondor on a Mac

So you would like to run that great Betrayal at Krondor game you have heard about? Here is a guide to help Mac users achieve this.


Installing any software on a computer is a risk, we accept no liability and provide no support for any installation problems. Install at your own risk. This guide is purely to help you install a program that is old, and otherwise unusable on modern machines


1) You will need DOSBox

It looks like they've ported DOSBox to just about everything intel based, the following instructions are for Mac users.

It comes as a .dmg, so double click that. Once it's mounted, create a directory where your dos games will reside. I use "dosgames" in my home directory.

2) Download the Game available here at Crydee -

The download is a zip file. Create a home for it under dosgames, I'm using bak. Move the zip to your dosgames\bak directory, and double click it. It expands into a krondorz.exe (self-extracting archive) and a patch file .zip. I /think/ you can ignore the patch file, because when I tried to follow its instructions, I was told "already been done".

3) Launch dosbox.

Inside the DOS window (my mind insists on boggling. they ported dos.
gracious...). Remember this is DOS, so capitalization doesn't matter (probably, it might cause trouble on the host OS however). In the dosbox, you need to mount the directory where your games are, then decompress Krondor, and then play it.

(In the following, you don't need to type the prompts (ie, "z:\>", everything between the left margin and the > caret).

### Initial boot text

z:\> mount c: /Users/rip/dosgames/bak

Drive C is mounted as local directory /Users/rip/dosgames/bak

z:\> c:

c:\> cd krondor

c:\KRONDOR> krondorz
### unzip of the self-extracting archive

c:\KRONDOR> krondor
### game played.

4) Note that tweaking the dosbox environment is beyond the scope of this getting started tutorial.

5) There are additional tools available (see the DOSBox downloads page) that wrap dosbox inside, for example, a Mac GUI front end.
NOTE: I have not tried any of these.

By rip


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