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Midkemia Online New Years Update

Tuesday January 6th, 2009

The following update on Midkemia Online, giving the current status of the project, has been received today from Jeremy Saunders, President of Iron Realms Entertainment.

The holidays and new year have been hectic and full of activity at Midkemia Online! At the last update, we opened our doors briefly to players to explore the racial introductions, which was a resounding success and one we hope you thoroughly enjoyed as much as we did!

The Rogue class is now nearing completion, with Rogues specializing in fencing with a rapier, and the use of a poniard in their off-hand. They also rely heavily on guile and subterfuge, preferring to strike with speed and surprise attacks instead of brute force. Code development has begun on Priests as well, utilizing a magical  warhammer as seen in Silverthorn to strike at their enemies and build up the faith that is used to fuel their offensive and healing prayers. The healing and support prayers of Priests are certain to make them an invaluable asset to any group. Additionally, Priests may evote themselves to one of the Gods of Midkemia, entering into their Holy Order and gaining special powers and abilities known only to the followers of that God. The Gods themselves remain aloof and distant, and their followers may be divided into separate and opposing factions with their own dogma and competing ideals on the faith, serving to highlight both conflict between the Gods and strife between various cultures (a native of the Kingdom and one of Great Kesh might have very different ideas about the same God, after all!).

The creative among us are rejoicing as work on item crafting has also been undertaken, aiming to provide our players with the maximum tools at their disposal to design and craft their own weapons, armor and clothing that provide unique and unequaled bonuses which are certain to be sought after by all. Each player may own their own personal tome of designs so they can record and share their unique creations with others. But beware! For enterprising thieves (especially notorious in Krondor) may attempt to pilfer a design and sell it on the black market to the highest bidder.

Additionally, our website is coming along very nicely, and we hope to have that up and running in the coming months, slowly releasing new content as it becomes available.

JT O'Loughlin
Lead producer Midkemia Online.


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