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Midkemia Online Update

Monday October 13th, 2008

With thanks going to Jeremy Saunders President of Iron Realms Entertainment, we heve a new update for you on what has been happening in the world of Midkemia Online.



Much exciting progress has been made on Midkemia Online recently with class design taking shape, including the unmatched rapier and fencing skills of the agile rogue, the faith and righteousness of the warhammer-carrying priest, and the unequaled woodlore and tracking prowess of the ranger.

The rich and detailed world of Midkemia itself has been expanding and evolving as well, with both useful tools to help new players such as in-game maps, to challenging and epic quests certain to delight old and new gamers alike, which have a real and serious impact on the world. As an example, in Sar-Sargoth the brooding masters of the black arts, corrupted by the Dark Path's allure, seek to raise the fallen heroes of the Kingdom of the Isles from their tombs as nefarious Witch Kings who can command an army of the undead to rain terror upon the heartlands and cities of the Kingdom. Will the heroes of the Kingdoms turn the tide of such an invasion, or will the armies of the Northlands pillage and plunder all in their path?

Midkemia Online will feature daring conflict between the brutal Moredhel, Trolls, and Goblins of the Northlands and the noble Kingdom of the Isles, Eledhel, and Dwarves as the allies of the south. Players will be able to pick either side in this struggle and join the fray, with a combat system written entirely from scratch and never seen before.

Joining the Midkemia Online team in August as Producer was JT O'Loughlin, a veteran designer and programmer of Iron Realms, who was previously the Associate Producer for the highly successful game Lusternia, the Age of Ascension. Combined with Eric and Deric, he is providing creative direction for Midkemia Online and helping to round out the development team.

Most exciting, the trial of the character creation and game introductions draws nearer, with the Kingdom of the Isles and Dwarven introductions completed, and work continuing on the vicious and tribal Troll introduction. These are the 3 races that will be previewed to members of, giving a taste of both life in the Kingdom, in the Gray Towers, and in the unforgiving north!

Jeremy Saunders
President of Iron Realms Entertainment


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