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Midkemia Online - Update

Sunday June 22nd, 2008

We have received an update on the status of Midkemia Online from Jeremy Saunders (President of Iron Realms Entertainment), and Eric Mikula and Deric Hicks (Co-Producers, Midkemia Online). You can read all about it below.

Greetings Midkemia Fans! midkemia_dwarf_small

Below is the latest update form Midkemia Online developers Eric Mikula and Deric Hicks. As promised last month, here are basic character images for the Dwarf and Goblin races (they can also be seen here). I have also included the initial rough draft images so you can see the progression and get a peek at the human and troll. We will release more art soon, including some scenes from the books. Our goal remains to open Midkemia Online by the end of 2008.


Jeremy Saunders
President of Iron Realms Entertainment


Click on each image to open a larger version.

Troll and Dwarf Initial Mock Ups.

goblin_rough_small human_rough_small troll_rough_small dwarf_rough_small
Goblin, Human, Troll, and Dwarf Second Mock Ups.

midkemia_goblin_small midkemia_dwarf_small
Goblin & Dwarf Final

Now continue reading the update


Development for Midkemia Online has been continuing with an emphasis on finishing the introduction sequence for new players. All players will have unique introductory tours based on race. Each of the races (human, dwarf, eledhel, moredhel, mountain troll, and goblin) will play through the 'coming-of-age' traditions for their kind. While human characters will be introduced to Midkemia through the Choosing, dwarfs will go through follow the ancient traditions of their elders, and trolls will experience a somewhat more savage introduction to adult life. In each case, players will be guided through the basic commands needed to interact with the world while being acquainted with their individual roles and characteristics. Upon completing the tour, players will enter the world where they can begin setting a path for themselves.

Additionally, work continues to refine player versus environment combat, a very important part of early character life. Every effort is being made to make combat with non-player characters much the same experience as fighting another player: players will need to use a full range of skills and strategies to defeat opponents.

Once work completes on the introduction sequences, we will run a closed demo for the members of allowing them a first look at the game. This will probably include a small hunting area after the introduction, to give players a preview of how the game works. More details on this preview will be announced as soon as they are ready.

Eric Mikula and Deric Hicks
Co-Producers, Midkemia Online
Iron Realms Entertainment


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