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Midkemia Online - Update

Tuesday July 31st, 2007

Today we received an email from Leigh Stillard, Producer of "Midkemia Online" for 'Iron Realms Entertainment'. 

Here for your information is an extract from that email:-

In terms of status here is a quick update on what we have done so far. We have completed building all the cities and kingdoms of the realm,(those that will be available at release - Admin), and made them functional for use by players once the game is released. We have crafting & gathering systems, our system for religion and roleplay events, and most of the area west of Krondor and north of the Bitter Sea built. Combat has been the main focus of the last 9 months, which is nearing a state where we are ready to go to alpha testing. We have a great deal more than the above in, but these are the most notable and the ones which required the most work.

Right now we're fleshing out the organizations that players will be a part of, an exciting trade system, continuing to polish and test the combat system, and various other preparations for alpha and beta. I can't give you a release date at this point unfortunately, but I should be able to at some point in the next couple of months.

Leigh Stillard,
Producer of "Midkemia Online"
for 'Iron Realms Entertainment'


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