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Written (Published) Reading Order

The following list shows the order the books were written (published), this is the recomended order in which the books should be read. We also include the working titles of the future books with an estimated year marked **.

Note: Saying this, not all books are available in all countries or languages, so this may affect your options as to reading order. Please check the Publication Information for more details.


Books of the Riftwar Cycle

Title First Published
Magician 1982
Silverthorn 1985
A Darkness at Sethanon 1986
Daughter of the Empire 1987
Prince of the Blood 1989
Servant of the Empire 1990
Mistress of the Empire May 1992
The Kings Buccaneer Nov 1992
Shadow of a Dark Queen 1994
Rise of a Merchant Prince 1995
Rage of a Demon King 1997
Shards of a Broken Crown Apr 1998
Krondor the Betrayal Nov 1998
Krondor the Assassins Nov 1999
Krondor Tear of the Gods Feb 2001
Honoured Enemy Aug 2001
Murder in LaMut June 2002
Talon of the Silver Hawk Sept 2002
Jimmy the Hand July 2003
King of Foxes Nov 2003
Exiles Return Aug 2004
Flight of the Nighthawks 2005
Into a Dark Realm 2006
Wrath of a Mad God Mar 2008
Rides a Dread Legion Mar 2009
At the Gates of Darkness Mar 2010
A Kingdom Besieged Mar 2011
A Crown Imperiled Jan 2012
Jimmy and the Crawler Feb 2013
Magicians End May 2013

Other Books

Title First Published
Faerie Tale 1988

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