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Magician Apprentice Vol #02

Pug and Tomas are invited on an expedition with Duke Borric to the east to Rillanon to warn King Rodric about the impending invasion of the Tsurani, an army that is pouring into the world of Midkemia through rifts in space in search of metal and other fineries. But their journey will be fraught with peril, and it will take them from the kingdom of Crydee through the mines of Mac Mordian Cadal and down to the spectacular city of Krondor, the capital of the western realm. And even once they gain the support of Prince Erland, the ruler of the armies of the west, they must finish they journey to Rillanon, where King Rodric has succumbed to madness and believes that Borric and Erland are plotting to take over his throne...But there is no time for politics, for soon, Crydee falls under attack, and the kingdom cannot afford to wait for the support of the east. The Riftwar has started...but both Pug and Tomas will endure some surprising twists that will change them forever by this volume's conclusion!

Collecting MAGICIAN APPRENTICE #7-12. 


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