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Ottakers, Chelmsford UK, 2006 - Review

by Tammy Bunting

Here I am again, blame John.

This signing also had a talk from Mr Feist. It was not held at the store but in a marquee at the Essex Cricket Ground. This was a very different signing as it was ticketed, and being not at the store, there was no passing audience to convert, all there, were already smitten with Mr Feist's works.

Unlike other signings we arrived only minutes before this event started. There were, we were told 43 fans in the audience. There was a small bar set up for refreshments, and that glass of wine went down well, over the course of the evening.

After a short introduction by a member of the Ottakers staff, Mr Feist took the stage, and for the next hour enthralled his audience with information on what has happened, may happen, and will happen in the series. His sense of humour was well present, and also a little of his outlook on life was shown. Not too many spoilers were given, but enough titbits to continue our lust for the next episode in the realms of Mr Feist's adventure.

A question and answer session followed which gave some interesting points that I for one had not considered.

After this the signing began and as in all other signings, time was given to one and all. Again as always his fans left the event, with smiles and memories of meeting and chatting to the author they so admirer.

My opinion of this event:-

Ottaker's - Although the staff were very pleasant, I felt a poor selection of books on offer, I saw only 4 titles. And being as all the older titles are now available in paperback, they could have had more sales of those that attended.

Rebecca of Harper Collins - As always I have noticed the perfect Personnel assistant, always there one step ahead at Mr Feist side making sure each fan gets a little of Mr Feist's time.

Mr Feist - Well what can I say, over the time I have spent in his company I am totally smitten. He is a wonderful gentleman, with the most enchanting personality. He has time for each and every fan. He is witty and exudes a quality that is rarely seen in those that have achieved greatness. Many could learn a lesson from this Magician of a man.


I have an addition to this review, which is connected to this event, and I feel well deserves a special mention.

During the signing session we got speaking to a group of ladies who are producing a website, which will go live shortly called The Bookfiends Kingdom it is in aid of a charity for adult autism.

They are collecting items connected to literature, to auction in the near future to raise funds for the charity. I will be in contact with this group in the next few days and will report further on this as more information becomes available.

I already know a few of the items up for auction, the main one being that Mr Feist has donated the Manuscript of 'Into A Dark Realm' which is signed. So start saving your pennies this will hopefully prove an interesting auction piece for any Feist collector. have donated a signed copy of Fantasy Book from May 1982, which contains Mr Feist's First Published work, - Profit and the Grey Assassin. In addition to this we have also donated a couple of Signed photographs of Mr Feist, and a copy of the Sampler produced by Harper Collins for Robert Silverberg's Legends, which contains Raymond E Feist's Woodboy (Signed by Mr Feist, and short story by Terry Pratchett, which we understand may soon be signed, if the ladies have their way :)

If you have any items you would like to donate, please either contact the ladies through their website when it goes live, or contact us through the help menu, and we will forward your message

Before the event the ladies also interviewed Raymond E. Feist which can be found in the interviews section as The Bookfiend's Kingdom Interview (audio) with Raymond E. Feist



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