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Feist's Elf Queen Aglaranna & Tomas (Valheru)

Feist's Elf Queen Aglaranna & Tomas (Valheru) - Copyright by Andrea Osakoda
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Andrea Osakoda

The chapters showing the turbulent nature of the Elven Queen & Tomas' relationship in Raymond E. Feist's Riftwar books really struck a nerve. Tomas was turning into the Valheru, changing his sweet, easygoing nature into one more disturbing, powerful. He was always enamored with Aglaranna, but as he began to change into the ancient dragon-rider Ashen-Shugar, he became driven, demanding, and very powerful. In this picture, it shows the queen at the front. She is trying to lead her people, but the presence of Tomas in the Valheru armor looms behind her and closer to the throne. I wanted this to show that even though she is in the front facing her people, Tomas as Ashen is behind her and closer to the throne... The queen is dressed in very little, because that's how he wanted her to dress. While Tomas was changing, so was the elves around him... becoming more submissive to the power that eminates from him. This is done in pencil. I wish I had inked or painted it, but I lacked the ink and the patience at the time

Andrea Osakoda - All rights reserved. Displayed by Permission

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